My ink drawings remain the Yin to my ceramic work's Yang. Quick to form themselves, they demonstrate my own modern version of Zen Buddhist paintings historically made in China and Japan. In this style, artists work with brush and ink in minimal increments to emphasize not only the overall form but also each individual line. Masters show the perfection of process and intent using speed and precision. To further pay homage to these sources, I carved my own set of signature collector stamps as were standard of Zen silks.      My work captures seemingly mundane moments in public places. I try to find models that do not know they are being drawn, recreating their gestures and expressions without fully illustrating the bulk of the setting. The brain is left to fill in the blanks with its own conception of the subject. Just as most people prefer to envision the moon as a partly shaded crescent, I believe it is the fascination with the concealed and hidden that draws viewers' eyes to my work.

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