My ceramic body of work is a direct reaction to the world around me; to feeling in a world that often seems to feel nothing. It's a personal interpretation of living in the midst of blind over-consumption and media-frenzied embellishment. My craft strives to depict the disconnect forming between society and its actions. Through the over-exposure of mass media, I sense that many people perceive much of the world as bland and without passion. My pieces recount stills of this emotionless feeling and the inherent hollow recess it inspires. I don't try to tell people what to do or what changes should happen, just that changes are happening and that everyone has a direct involvement. My art highlights even my own short-comings in this sense. I approach these issues with the same playfully cynical attitude with which I’ve learned to approach life. In sort of a reverse psychology to the words of Gandhi, my work exemplifies “the change I do not wish to see in the world."